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July 08, 2007



Oh, Lindy it is so very sweet! You just have to love it. I do love old things but this & the toaster are not what I think of wanting when I want old things . . . don't know why. I loved the toaster site and I can see why you'd really like one. The designs just sweep you away. I saw one my mother had and one my grandmother had! Fantastic!
I really enjoy my waffle makers. I often make waffles to take the place of bread/toast!
Yes, you have at least two middle names but probably like me there are more!
I'm rooting for you to get the toaster!

the chocolate lady (eve)

Ah, raisons d'avoir! It will be much harder to maintain my toaster-free lifestyle now that I've seen Toaster Central--and those toast racks! I just can't go on!

What I mean is congratulations and enjoy many waffles and your gorgeous machine in good health.


i've been wanting a waffle iron only because i want my mom's chocolate waffles. even tho alton brown made them on his waffle episode, i swear my mom invented them (around 1974). she wanted cake but didn't want to turn the oven on on a really hot day. she uses a "midnight cake" recipe because it's thick. they are best warm & i like to put butter or cream cheese on them. man, i want some NOW!


One day my granddaughters used the waffle iron to make paninni-type sandwiches, which they christened waffalinnis - dents rather than grill marks but hey, turns a waffle iron into a dual-use appliance.


I'm not sure why it's so, but old waffle irons were built to last forever. The last time I found myself in need of a waffle iron, I marched myself to the Goodwill and got one for less than three bucks. It worked perfectly for years, and I'm sure it still does, though nowadays my partner always uses the fancy and HUGE waffle iron that his mother got him for Christmas three years back. That waffle iron has no history and no soul. Mine has both.


Hello - Just read your "Waffling" post and visited Toaster Central. Did you see the green Club toaster on the Vintage page? It would be perfect for your site. It is kind of funky, and it is green! I know it is expensive - could you just use the picture?!! Check out the link and take a look. BufaloGirl
Click here: Vintage Small Kitchen Electric Appliances Made in the U.S.A. from Toaster Central Clean and Working


What a great little waffle iron! Congratulations! And it's not uni-purpose -- it doubles as a wonderful piece of art, a tiny testament to a great era of industrial design. Definitely needs to be on the counter.

I have no good waffle recipes because I don't have a decent waffle maker and I have not been inclined to experiment. One recipe that caught my eye however was this one for light and crispy waffles.

All this waffle talk and waffle iron talk is inspiring me to go ahead and make the waffle iron leap at Toaster Central. One of these days.

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