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August 31, 2007



Whine and you shall receive... Although I'm amazed and impressed that June was able to ship clotted cream from Britain to Pittsburgh.

Your tart is beautiful and lemon posset sounds sinfully delicious.


That is unreal: the lemon posset sounds like the most amazing thing ever and that you could get clotted cream from England. Unreal.
Never thought of whining as a sin anyway.
Yes, I love magic tricks with food also.

baking soda

Food bloggers are the worlds nicest inhabitants, now I am sure! How come that English terms sound so unbelievably British, I mean: posset. Taste the word: Posset. Magnificent!
And now I want to make this, our raspberries keep on coming.

Lynn D.

I've been thinking about lemon posset ever since I read June's post. After reading yours I just had to plunge ahead with what was available. I used supermarket whipping cream and it came out fine, perhaps not as set up as yours, but delicious. I had a plan in case it didn't set up to just go ahead and whip it when it got cold. Sometimes extra heavy whipping cream is available and perhaps that would be even better. I'm thinking about a savory version, cream steeped in herbs, to serve with poached vegetables and salmon. Good stuff.


I have a recipe around here someplace for making clotted cream at home. I don't have time to dig it up now (gym, commute, work) but I can later. Shoot me an email and I'll pop it over to you this evening!


A lemon curd that died and went to heaven? And here I thought life couldn't get any better than homemade lemon curd. I will definitely have to try making some posset with the thick Jersey cream I skim off the top of our jars of milk. I think it just might work. And that tart looks SO good.


Margaret's Fine Imports
5872 Forbes Ave
Squirrel Hill
Pittsburgh PA 15217

Margarets Fine Imports ells Clotted Cream in Pittsburgh. You can also buy British teas like Earl Grey, PG Tips, Yorkshire Gold and many loose teas.

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