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August 15, 2007



Yes, I'm putting it on my library list now!
I think you've got the company and the alone ideas (food & people) just about right! Both are right wonderful with good mixing!


I keep reading about this book, but you're the first person who's made me want to read it ... glad you don't have to eat alone too often, and your Friday night dinners sound like fun


baking soda

Oh yes, reading while eating was totally verboten when I grew up and I try to install this in my children too...but the pleasure of good food and a good book! It's the kids and me at the dinnertable (DH usually comes in when it's all over and done with)and I must admit that at times I rather guiltily long for a dinner date with a book, sometimes you get tired of teenager quibbling... It helps to invite their friends over for dinner, then we have "conversation".

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