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August 10, 2007



Green is green and a BLT is a BLT. I love a BLT! Right now I'm getting yellow tomatoes from the yard and they do make really good BLTs.


BLT salad is one of the best, decadent salads around and I think destined to overtake the "wedge" in the summer.

we sell tons every day in the store and always run out befor the day is thru....


I've never heard of a BLT salad before but I like the idea. I don't think that a BLT is the easiest sandwich to eat. The tomatoes have a tendency to try and slide off the bread and the slices of bacon often distribute unevenly as you begin eating the sandwich. This salad sounds as if it has all the elements of a BLT but it would be easier to eat.


What a coincidence, I was just thinking about white trash cooking myself this week, in relation to Elvis Presley, and now I'm reading your post. You make a good point about the appeal of mixes and the like to hard-working folks. No one loved them more than my Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother who worked hard all her life as a nurse. The irony is that by the time she doctored up the mixes she might as well have been cooking from scratch. And there was an article in the Times recently that said that people who use prepared and packaged foods spend just as much time on dinner preparation as those who use fresh food.
All that being said, I would love this salad but for the mayo, which I've always been a little funny about. There was a similar salad that was very popular in the 80s involving frozen peas, made in layers. Do you remember it?


I think I do remember that, Rebecca- were there cubes of cheese in it, too? I am often putting defrosted frozen peas in pasta and rice salads myself.

You are so right about all the time doctoring the mixes. Actually,of course, it takes no more time to make a cake from scratch than a Duncan Hines cakemix- and if you start adding things like pudding mix and cool whip, it's an even longer process.

After the labor-saving aspect that first attracted people, I think fear played into it-especially with cakes and sauces. If you've never seen anyone bake a cake or make a bechamel or gravy from scratch, someone can probably convince you that your cake will "fall", or your sauce will be lumpy.

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