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August 18, 2007



My major problem with you are anyone getting these books and then writing about them is
I always go away wanting another book! I don't need another book.
Those fritters are calling to me, have any left? The names alone seem to transport you far away.
There is something just really appealing about street food.


I know what you mean, Tanna-the bookshelves are out of control. I did have some fritters left, so I poured the dipping sauce over them, and refrigerated them. They were great the next day cold-kind of like saor, or that sephardic sweet and sour marinated fried fish thing.Which I love.


Ooh, I've been eyeing that book for a while now, and I'm so pleased to hear it's lived up to its promise. The only problem I have with cookbooks focusing on street food, however, is that I usually want to make everything in them.

Talking about great street food books, are you familiar with Anissa Helou's Mediterranean Street Food?


Oooh - the prawn fritters look AMAZING. (I am a sucker for the fried items.) Must check this book out! (Thank goodness for the academic library's stellar interlibrary loan program - if it exists, anywhere, they will deliver it [metaphorically] to my doorstep! And all for free!)

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