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September 15, 2007



How funny. I spent some time this afternoon Googling fennel recipes, because I couldn't resist some lovely bulbs I saw at Safeway. I ended up making a fennel and apple salad, and started some fennel white bean soup for tomorrow. Had I only seen this first! But I will definitely save this and maybe try it next week. Thanks!


This is just so you Lindy!
Now, I'll have fennel pollen on my list of spices to fine.
Fennel I really enjoy and still tend to forget. I should try this when my dad is with us the next 10 days if I can find that pollen.


Your gratins are always so drool-worthy, Lindy! I use fennel seeds often, but have never used fennel bulb (shame on me!). As for fennel *pollen*, well, I am gaping with astonishment :)


It sounds like a wonderful dish. I got some fennel pollen this year as a gift, and fell completely in love with it.

Lynn D.

I used to have a gigantic fennel plant and I would take dishes out to the garden, tap some fennel pollen onto them and really have something wonderful--goat cheese, fruit salads, ice cream. The plant eventually started ripping up my raised beds and I had to dig it out. I have not been able to get another plant to grow in a more suitable location. I wonder if we could go for five: fennel honey sounds like it would be wonderful. Your dish seems perfect for a fall celebration. What else was on the menu?

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