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September 23, 2007


baking soda

This hits the right spot Lindy, love a herbed chicken and the combination of vegetables is interesting. Just righ for the weather we're having.


Hit the spot! I guess so. This sounds like a wonderful book my son will love and me too. Love the bit about the tupperware! That's pretty cool, I think I'll use that as the measure from now on - somebody brings out their own take home container, I'll know I've made the big time.


Oh, Lindy, just what I don't need to hear about -- another tempting cookbook! I'm way too easily tempted by cookbooks in general and this one sounds wonderful. I made a recipe of Suvir Saran's that was posted on the Wednesday Chef which was excellent and I'm interested in seeing what else he has to offer.

I am about to add this to my wishlist. By the way, I recently bought Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant which I read about here. I'm in the process of reading it, and enjoying it very much.

Suvir Saran

Lindy, you have me blushing and humbled.
The roast chicken has become quite a staple at our farm.
People from all walks of life (chefs of fame and not, farmer friends, country friends, NYC friends and others alike) have had it and loved it. In fact I made it recently, following the recipe, to test it, as I do with my recipes till they go to production, to catch any errors I can, and i made one substitute, I used duck fat instead of butter, the end result for those that ate that version, their favorite and best-ever roast chicken. I felt ashamed of myself for having made something so easy and delicious so sinful. But I did... and people loved it. The skin was crackling and crisp like paper.... The chicken juicy and aromatic and delicate and not shy of flavor.

Try the corn bread, quite easy and exciting, but also try the corn casserole whilst we still may find some farm fresh corn... you may enjoy the simple sinful pleasure of each of these recipes too... I too am a HUGE fan of mujaddara.... IT is YUMMY and comfort food that rivals the best out there.

Thanks for cooking a recipe from the book. I was surprised to find a review of it even before it's release... how did you get a copy of the book?



Baking soda: Somehow I associate roast chicken with spring and fall, too. It hit the spot, alright.
Tanna: With desserts, I'm willing to loan out the tupperware to get the remains out of my reach, so I don't wind up eating them all myself.
Julie: I have a serious cookbook overflow problem too. I was thinking of selling some of my less loved volumes (strange gifts, mistaken purchases, etc) via alibris.com, which has a program for "independent booksellers"- to make little bookshelf space.
Suvir: Whoa- duck fat! Yum. Evil. In a good way-sort of like taking a chicken and turning it into SuperDuck.I love duck and goose fat in cooking-esp love potatotes roasted in same, but I do try to restrain myself-it is sooo bad for us.
I got the book early the old fashioned way-it's a review copy from your publisher!


Oh, I've been waiting for Suvir's new book to come out for a while now! Have you tried the absolutely amazing (and quite untraditional) tomato chutney he posted on egullet? The recipe makes an insanely large amount but we finished it in days.

Foodie Pam

You can see more recipes from American Masala here.

Colorful Dishes

Did you know Suvir Saran has a fabulous culinary line now. He has re-designed the mortar & pestle set to assist those with carpal tunnel & some really cool ceramic blade knives. You can see all his new products at colorfuldishes.com .

suvir saran

Hi Lindy!
Have you cooked from American Masala since you first got it?
That is the true test of a cookbook and its authors true relevance.
Did you try out any other dishes after making the Lavender Roast Chicken?

Hope you have been well and have cooked away the summers rich produce into memorable meals shared with loves ones.

Here is wishing you and yours a wonderful masala filled year ahead.



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