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October 16, 2007



And fall seems the perfect time for some risotto. Love how you've already got the leftover ideas running wild. Um I think it's dinner time.

Faux Woods

Such perfect recipes for this cool weather we are having, I live in the mountains. So glad I stumbled on your blog full of recipes:-))



What a wonderful dinner! And I agree, risotto does need something alongside it. I made a winter squash risotto last week (are you swimming in squash the way I am?) and even though I had actually put some bits of chicken in at the end, my husband still seemed to feel cheated. I think to many men, rice is just a side dish no matter what language it's in.

Lynn D.

I too find the subject of what to serve with risotto somewhat tricky and I think you came up with an admirable solution. I often serve it with bitter greens, sometimes cooked, sometimes not. I envy you your plum ratafia; my vin de noix did not turn out well and I will tell you more about it later!


I find that a generous helping of risotto with mushrooms or vegetables is more than enough, with a bit of green salad afterwards, at most.


I lean more towards the risotto-plus-a-green-salad-is-a-meal-in-itself school, even if the risotto only has vegetables and no meat or seafood. It just seems like such a filling and satisfying dish. I also find the standing and stirring to be a pleasant task and both making it and eating it are perfect cooler weather activities. Of course, the vegetables and meat over the arugula sounds pretty good too -- just a more substantial salad than I'd usually make.

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