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October 13, 2007



What an idyllic vacation. I want that BLT. And the time off to go get it.

baking soda

"Oh Swoon" I thought when reading the BLT...but there was more to come! You had me in a swooning mood all over the post. The whole scene you paint makes me want to go there right now.


Nantucket has always been one of those places I could leave for other people until I read this! Now, I so want to try the lobster BLT (maybe not the pork cheeks) and the whaling museum! And the shopping, especially the slippers for Ella! that sounds grand!

Lynn D.

Your vacation sounds splendid, but so does coming home to cool weather and Arlette's pea soup simmering on the stove. Going back to work?--not so much.


what fun. It looks very beautiful. Moby Dick and chowder are what comes to mind, very exotic for us.


Kitt-the time off is pretty central, isn't it?
baking soda- you'd love that BLT-it sounded good, and tasted even better.
Tanna-the pork cheeks are not weird at all, just little scallops of meat with a lovely texture, really.
Lynn-I was so glad it's finally cooled off- it makes home a much better place to me-a hot October just seemed unfair.
lobstersquad-There was some quahog chowder there. And I'm re-reading Moby Dick now-it came to mind to me, too! When we read it at school-I think I was the only 15 year old who really liked it. I was right then- it's great.

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