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October 27, 2007



Ooh, I am so happy to hear that this book is worth buying. I love his recipes and can't wait to try this one - yum. It's always nice when the long ingredient list is paired with an easy prep. He and his partners just reopened their restaurant in NYC..


I was randomly clicking through some food blogs and when I saw that you are reading my all-time favorite book of the ever ever (Three Men in a Boat), I had to stop and say hello! How are you liking it? :)

And now back to the food...

Chef JP

First time visitor to your blog--great stuff!

the chocolate lady (eve)

Very pretty,

And it is useful to remember that sometimes all you have to do to adapt a recipe is leave out the meat--you don't always need to be adding something.


Luisa-Glad to hear they are reopening. I hope to eat there one day.
Anne-It's great. Actually I learned of it in a sort of backwards way, by reading Connie Willis' "To Say Nothing of the Dog". Do you know it? Sci-Fi, humour,comedy of manners and a bit of a romp unto itself?
Thanks Chef, I've made a first visit to your blog as well- I'll be back to read.
Eve-It's all true...especially with highly seasoned sauces. This one is really lovely without the shrimp...if I didn't love shrimp so much, I'd leave it out myself.


That's so funny - that's the exact same way I found it, too (via Connie Willis' book)! What a small literary world it is... ;)


This is exactly my kind of thing, and making the sauce a day ahead is a great idea. I like things you can make in stages or that are actually improved by being made ahead. They're good for entertaining but it's also nice on a work night to come to a good dinner that is mostly made in advance.

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