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December 08, 2007


baking soda

Yum! Just the ideal vehicle. I love to make soups -any kind- but often find myself looking for a little extra to serve with it. Just to make it a bit more oomph. They look so flaky I thought it was puff pastry. Need to try these. Nice with a bit of added cheese to go with French onion soup!


These look wonderful! Just the thing with most any good soup. I'm with Baking Soda, might do just a little cheese grated into them, most any cheese. Yes, I think perfect when you can have endless variety with easy to put together!!


Hi Karen and Tanna-The cheese idea is a good one, but you might want to try them plain at first, just to see. They have a surprising amount of flavor- the oatmeal and leeks are a really good combo- it wouldn't have occurred to me, but it's really nice-especially with all that butter!

Lynn D.

Leeks and oatmeal--sounds very Scottish!


Oooh, those look good. I wonder how well the recipe doubles? I need to feed a crowd, and these look like they'd be a big hit.


These look wonderful!


They look great! and I love the name. Buttons sound too cute!


I would probably eat so many of these, there wouldn't be room for the soup!

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