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January 06, 2008



Well, you've got my interest and I've read the article and copied the NYT recipe. Now I'll see what turns up in my books. Sounds like it's subject to lots of variety which is something I'm strong on.
Beautiful write up Lindy! Great memory.

Yer Brudder

I believe it was spelled "Autenreiths".

Not everything has disappeared...while Neumanns and Friedmans are also gone, the Squirrel Hill Cafe soldiers on, as does the Squirrel Hill Newstand.

My favorite confection from Waldorf was the dark chocolate cordial cherry. Remember how incredibly long the lines always were (at least it seem to me as a child that it took forever), how you took a number, and the pink-attired ladies who waited on customers?


In the 70's I lived on Darlington Road which was a little too close to the Waldorf. I would get off one of the buses and go directly into the Bakery. My favorite was just about any of the Dobish slices. When I got married in 1978 we had a Dobish wedding cake from there. It was exquisite as well as delicious. Ever since I keep saying I must attempt to make dobish but the recipes don't really look like they would approximate it. Where is the Goddess Dori when you need her? Her opera cake recipe is fantastic and I want the dobish to be as good. Thanks for the waltz down memory lane. Sorry that we can't remember the year the bakery closed.

baking soda

I don't mind the gap at all! Looks scrumptious, and the tale on how it used to be is very entertaining. I think I have to return to my place of birth soon, and see what has changed. My parents still live in the house I grew up in but somehow I never have the time to wander through the city. OMG give another year or so and I live here longer than in the city I still call "home". ai!


Tanna- Let me know if you try a babka-I'm on a definite path to obsession here.
Richard- The pink ladies were very classy, I thought.The cardboard cake boxes, all done up with string, always looked enticing, too. The place was perpetually jammed, and when we were children, and short, it could be overwhelming- but I always loved to go in.
The Manor Theater is still there, too. I think it may have been given that name because of the faux-tudor design of the row buildings on Murray avenue.
Pamela- Mt mother was given a Dobosh torte recipe by Lucie- a Viennese friend, as a great favor- she had always kept it secret, but adored my mother. Not being a great one for sweets, Mum misplaced it. Which is seriously too bad, I'd have loved to try it out.
Karen-The swift passing of adult time is just crazy, isn't it, especially when you think of how slowly it goes for a child?


your recipe looks delicious, and i am drooling just from imagining a toasted, buttered chocolate coffee cake...


I like this blog is fantastic, is really good written. Congratulation. Great photos…this looks delicious ! :-)

cake boards

such a great post!


My Grandma Blatt worked at the Rosenbloom's for years. I used to love all the goodies she would bring home for us and watching them tie the white boxes up with string :)

Mike Cook

I now live in Philadelphia, but I grew up in Squirrel Hill in the 1950's and 60's. I have such wonderful memories of The Waldorf Bakery! My Grandma Ida was a regular customer, and my sister and I were always treated to their delicious cookies! My favorites were the long spritz cookies with the jelly stripe going down the center, the jelly thumbprints with the chocolate jimmies along the sides, and the white batter chocolate chip cookies! My Aunt Janice loved their unique onion rolls with the onions swirled throughout the batter. I always tried to sneak one or two whenever I could! I loved the chocolate dipped and jordan almonds from the candy section, and my Dad(who still lives in Squirrel Hill with my Mom) was a big fan of the famous "Waldorf Special Cake". It was an extremely rich yellow batter multilayered cake that was filled with custard, and covered with marshmallow icing that was sprinkled with coconut! It was way too sweet for my tastes, but he loved it, and still talks about it! We also enjoyed baked goods from Rosenblooms, Silberberg's, and Herman's, in Squirrel Hill, as well as goodies from Wolfarth's and McIntyre's in East Liberty (Which was a fun streetcar ride away for me), but The Waldorf was always the favorite. I remember when the Waldorf was destroyed by a fire in the 1960's. We were devastated. But they rebuilt, and re-opened, thankfully. I'm not sure when they closed for good, but I think it was in the 1970's. The Waldorf, along with Weinstein's, Cappie's, Bubble's and Sherman's, Adler's, and Kubitz and Goss's, will always be fond memories in my heart.

Anne Murray Hildreth

So many memories of the Waldorf. Most memorable is my Dad's car that caught fire on a Saturday morning after we had gotten rye bread. He walked away from the car (Sunbeam Alpine) - but made sure he had the loaves of bread. I found this blog looking for a recipe for Waldorf's Meringue Pecans. I am hoping to fake them for the holidays. Many pecans will be sacrificed for the effort. I grew up on Lexington Avenue in Point Breeze.

Living in Columbus, Ohio, where old bakeries are nonexistent. Is that the norm in other cities?
Anne Murray Hildreth

Ron Stein

I lived on Lilac Street And I hae forever wondered if anyone can get the recipe for Weinstein's Chicken Soup ... Okay so what WAS a number ten at weinsteins (What about Balogna Bar b que and of couse n Isley's Skyscraper cones..I remember Ice skating at pather Hollow... The Blinker and estsliberty. Ron Stein-(What was with the Husky size---fat yes but certainly not a football player)

Ron Stein

Magic Mountains, from Dave-who drove the Rosenblooms truck to our door...Who needed the ice cream truck when you could run out of your house and buy 6 magic mountains...Waldorf candy..The Best and if you were really lucky you got Alberta(the Owner) to make you a Triful..'Can you hear the heart arteries being clogged' .Dinner ....Friday nights at Mike and Helen Rosenbloom's always ended with something from Waldorf.. Ron Stein

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