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January 30, 2008



These have long been on my list to try!
Lindy yours look just like the real thing. I've never tasted the real ones but sure intend to do that at the first opportunity now.
With your recommendation, I'm pretty sure I'd love yours too.

Lynn D.

These sound so counterintuitive to me. Not enough fat, too much rum and baked so long and hot, you'd think they'd turn into bricks. Cannele must be a baker's apprentice's mistake that turned out delicious.


Gosh these look so good - most of my favourite things all in one. I really really promise myself to try them.


I always buy these when I'm in Paris and love, love, love them, but was too intimidated to try to make them (the whole wax thing). Yours look amazing!

cheryl curran

If you are anywhere near philadelphia, Soho (in new york) or La you can try the real version worth seeking out-- they are wonderful-- one of my favorite things!

NY--Bouley bakery
LA--La Brea bakery
Phil--Metropolitan bakery


Your improvised technique looks like it delivers a perfect cannele!



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