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January 19, 2008



Wow, Lindy! They look really special!


That picture is very tempting. The colors are wonderful. Must bookmark this one!


Oh, wicked indeed! They look spectacular. I love the way the green sanding sugar enhances the color of the pistachios!


Those are perfectly beautiful Lindy! The book is lovely and you're right, I'd like to bake straight through it! Wonder how much I'd weight then!!

Lynn D.

These look lovely and very professional, not like home made at all. I love your cake plate, too.


Thanks guys. My friends said they looked like hobbit cookies. They did eat them up, though.

Lynn- the cake plate is a favorite of mine. I found it on ebay a long time ago, just kind of browsing for a "cake plate", and couldn't believe what a bargain it was...I love it. It's milk glass, and I think it went cheaply because there's no branding. I once found it in a milk glass book at Barnes and Noble, but have since forgotten the company name.

But I had noticed that it was from western PA, very near Pittsburgh. Several years later, I saw a platter with the same design in someone's curio cabinet...it had been his mother's.


These look wonderful - I think I will try them this week.


These look absolutely delectable. I'm on a bit of a pistachio kick, more in my imagination than in practice at the moment. I'm dreaming of some chicken-pistachio flatbreads that Luisa posted a long time ago on Wednesday Chef, and of a pistachio torte layered with a nougat-flavored (honey, almond, orange) whipped cream. Both of those may make appearances at my upcoming birthday soiree, but I'm thinking these cookies might go over well, too...

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