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January 17, 2008



I will dream about doing this and read whatever you have to report here with great interest. It's a really great idea.


I wonder if you will blow other amateur "cooking enthusiasts" out of the water in your jams and jellies class?

But I can't wait to hear your take on Chicago - I've been twice, recently, and not once have I REALLY had a culinary experience worth mentioning. But this must be because haven't had the time and energy on those trips to do my own research. I trust you to find the gems that must exist beyond the borders of the big, grey, empty corporate blocks I have found myself in . . .


I´d love to go, it sounds like a lot of fun. Sadly, I´m too far away. It would be such a good excuse to buy a chef´s jacket (sigh)


You inspired to me to go look at the website for our local cooking school and there I found a knife sharpening class, which is something I really, really need to learn how to do. Thanks!


That should be some class. I have a work commitment so I'm unable to go which is too bad because I plan to do some jam making this summer and am in the midst of plowing through books on jam making. This class would be just the thing. I'm looking forward to hearing about it though.

I'm trying to lay my hands on Christine Ferber's Mes Confitures, which appears to be out of print, and so far I am unable to find a used copy for less than $80. My local library does not have a copy, so I am in the midst of ordering it through inter-library loan.


Tanna- maybe you should come too?
zp- I won't be blowing anyone out of the water. There will be pros in that class- I'm intimidated. Plus, I'll be lucky if I can make it through a 5 hour class on my feet- I'm used to spending my days in a comfy office chair!
lobstersquad- I'm trying to convince myself that the jacket is unimportant, but I've already been all over the web checking them out.
eg- That's what I really need. I've looked locally, and haven't found one yet.I am a total bust at knife sharpening- I need to see it done by someone who knows! Where do you live?- not in Pittsburgh, I'll wager!
Julie- Oh too bad, I wish you were coming. BTW, I sent you an email- I think I found you a (slightly) cheaper copy.


5 hours on foot. Funny you should mention that - I just started a short term job that has me running and fetching for 6-8 hrs a day and I kind of love it, for variety's sake . . .


No, I don't live in Pittsburgh. I live in Maryland, which really isn't all that far if you wanted to come down and take a class at L'Academie de Cuisine. I also looked at their knife skills classes, which I always swear I'm going to try, but those are all booked through April. Phooey.


Wow. A 3-day preserving class, and several days to roam around in Chicago (just about my favorite city in this country for architecture), and hanging out with you? I'd love to do it. Sadly, the air fare between Seattle and Chicago that week is extraordinarily high.

If you ever sign up for one of June Taylor's classes in Berkeley, I'll be there.


Ah, Kimberley- Too bad I didn't know about June Taylor back when my daughter was living in Berkeley...and I used to go there regularly to visit her!

Could you possibly recommend some architectural points of interest for me to check out in Chicago- or a book about them? I figure I'll find a hotel in the Loop or thereabouts, since that's where the French Pastry School is. So I'll be near the Art Institute, too.

I went to college in Madison, and I've been to Chicago a fair number of times...including to the Chicago Opera, which was very cool. They won't have anything going on in July, though, I suppose- the season being over.

We have a few architectural sights to see around here, too, should you ever come this way- most notably FLW's Fallingwater, but there's other stuff as well.


Oh man I'm late to this thread but totally want to do this class with you- preserving is tops on my "to do list" these days, and I LIVE in Chicago so it would be perfect.

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