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February 10, 2008



Ooh, you're coming here, how exciting. Hope you have a wonderful time - the weather has been gorgeous these last couple of days - all bright blue skies, sunny and cold.

Fancy some Turkish or Caribbean food while you're here? My neighbourhood in London has some great places......!!

Lynn D.

Have a wonderful trip; I look forward to hearing about it. It'll be like going myself without the hassles of airport security, planning, packing and paying!


A trip to England is exactly the way to deal with February in Pittsburgh. Have a wonderful time -- looking forward to hearing about it.


Have a safe and fabulous trip.
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Have a great trip! I will miss your posts while you're gone, but will read your archives as a substitute. Have an EXCELLENT trip!


Have a great time! I'm sure you know the weather here is anything but predictable, but then again it will probably be better than Pittsburgh... :)

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Have a great trip! Enjoy yourself, hope the weather is getting better!


Oh, to be in England! I hope you're having a lovely time, Lindy.

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