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March 08, 2008



Ooooh, delicious! Sounds like it was a wonderful time.


Looks great!

Alana Carson

Greetings from a hill overlooking Temecula, CA. I have always LOVED bread puddings and have (conservatively) dozens of recipes for it, can never resist it on a restaurant dessert list. No child should ever have missed the experience of a bread puddinged childhood. But for me the classic and still favorite is my grandmother's basic light lemony custard with small chunks of buttered (plain white sandwich) bread floating to the top. Some of the bread edges always get lightly crunchy and caramelized and with a dusting of nutmeg, it needs no other adornment. I think occasionally she'd sprinkle a handful of raisins, but the smell -- with or without -- is still pure indulgence.


Mmm.. I love bread pudding too and am sad more places don't serve it. I use a recipe I found here. It's not much different as I imagine most bread pudding recipes are similar. I'm going to try yours and see what I like better. I like the custard on top!

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