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April 17, 2008



Well here's a challenge I may just take up! I have the exact same Le Creuset flame terrine, also from my mom, who carted it back from France 30 years ago. (Your link needs tweaking, btw, but I sussed it out.)

I didn't use it for a very long time, until I discovered no-knead bread, and particularly the latest "five minutes a day" variety. Now I make perfect little loaves in it all the time! (Here's an example.)

But I would like to learn how to use it for its intended purpose, too. I find the meat terrines a little intimidating, but surely I can manage something fun and creative with vegetables or fruit.


Wow Kitt, it never occurred to me to try the no-knead bread in the flame terrine. I'd settled on a 3 1/2 quart oval casserole, and I've been making it once a week. Next week I'm going to try the flame terrine for sure. Your bread looks great, and it will be a nice feeling to use the inherited Le Creuset charmer more often.
I think I've fixed the link-thanks.


Your little terrine is completely charming. I covet!


I love your terrine! I have tried my hand at this for the first time this year, sometimes successful, sometimes not so much. ha! I have to think about diving in again. :)

baking soda

Oh I have just the recipe for a terrine! If I only knew where it was... I made it in huge batches for a Christmas dinner party (7-course thing for 26 people) and it was a hit. And I've lost the recipe...

Lynn D.

Your terrine (the food) is lovely. It reminds me of my mother in law's favorite candy: Brach's white nougat squares with multi-colored jelly chunks suspended in the nougat. I have nice turkey and chicken terrine that I make (a meatloaf really)in an aluminum loaf pan that was my mother's. It has tooth marks on it from her Airdale who liked to clean the pans for her. It is very unsightly (and probably a health hazard from the aluminum) and is why I'm not a blogger.


Karen- that sounds great- and very ambitious. Hope you find it!

Lynn-Ha! I knew it reminded me of something. I've never been sure if I liked that particular kind of candy or not.But it's certainly pretty.

My cats are plate cleaners,too, but they are too fussy and spoiled to actually gnaw on anything. Usually, I still have to scrape before I load the dishwasher, because they scorned assorted bits they deemed unworthy.

This makes it very difficult to slip them pills and so on, unless they are concealed in say, a shrimp.
But I guess it keeps the equipment intact.


Terrines, one of my favourite food, here is my recipe for the compet. as you can see a bit of help from a good book might be more than welcome.

feeding maybelle

Interesting event, i don't know if I have the appropriate prowess--but it piques my interest.

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