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May 25, 2008


Lynn D.

Take care Lindy. I find garlic broth helpful with colds and didn't Mildred Kalish put sliced onions on her chest when she was congested?


I hope that you don't have the flu. We just recovered from our THIRD bout of flu this season and it was the worst. I was told by our PCP that it has been the longest the flu season in WPA. Take good care of yourself and recover quickly.


Thanks, Lynn- there's a fair amount of garlic in my beef broth, so...I may skip the sliced onions.
Sharon- I think it probably is the flu- or a flu-like virus. It's pretty brutal for a cold. Seems like it's really making the rounds with friend and coworkers.


A chest-cold/flu is a rotten way to spend Memorial Day weekend. I hope you're feeling better. My favorite chest-cold remedy is pho with jalapeno peppers in it which I think really does help to loosen your chest up, plus pho is such a soothing and nutritious thing to eat. It helps to have a restaurant that will deliver or someone you can send out for it.

Your little container garden sounds very productive with all those herbs. Good luck with the plum tree. How soon are they supposed to bear fruit?


I love plums it would be great to have a plum tree. :-)

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