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June 18, 2008


Baking Soda

I like the idea Lindy, it would do great at an informal birthday lunch.


Hey, your banner's back! I'm glad. I've always liked that banner.


Thanks Julie- I'm awfully glad to see it back in place. Hope it doesn't go wandering again!


Thanks Julie- I'm awfully glad to see it back in place. Hope it doesn't go wandering again!



Another little lesson relearned, ms. redfox. Will do.

o yeh

Well I woul like to comment on this particular subject I think this is an idea particular yet crucial to memory in which I am proud to see

bah bah bah


It look's to good to be through I am definitely going to try this

Lynn D.

Many years ago, my Auntie Grace, made sandwich cakes for nearly all our extended family's wedding and bridal showers. She'd have a good quality sandwich loaf sliced horizontally at the bakery and then fill the layers with colorful, but complementary sandwich fillings. Egg salad, shrimp salad and Spam salad were her favorites. Then she'd frost the whole thing in a savory cream cheese frosting and decorate it with chopped parsley, sliced pimento stuffed olives, etc. We thought it was pretty corny, but very delicious and pretty when sliced.


Lynn- I am growing increasingly attracted to things like your Aunt Grace's sandwich cakes, which I would once, perhaps, have dismissed as "cute" food. I'm not sure what this means, if anything.

Of course, there was, and is, a lot of party food that's all about the looks, and tastes dreadful.(Check out the Food Network's "Semi-Homemade",eg- if you can bear it. Aaagh, that girl provokes me to embarrassing extremes- yelling at the tv, and so on. I even emailed the network to complain. But it's almost all nonsense shows there these days. Grumble.)

The thing is, a lot of your Aunt Grace's sort of food was well made, and tasted great. And it showed the people it was made for that the cook cared about them enough to make a bit of a fuss.

Also, it was, and is amusing, which is cool.


Good intentions...at first to follow the recipe as is ! I am prone to jump right away to my own conclusions and add /substract / substitute at will and get so mad when the results are not quite what they should be.
By the way Lindy ...nice reading list.Wonder how Lawrence Durrell will read second time around and 20 years later ??

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