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July 13, 2008



So far this is sounding like a perfect vacation. Loving it!


What a great experience! Tiring but oh-so-rewarding. And your day of leisure sounds delightful.

B Jeavons

I bought copper preserving just like the one you refer to. The copper pan makes gluey jam and marmalade a bit like wall paper paste. It doesn't happen when I use a stainless steel pan only with the copper - I found out it is because the copper releases oxygen when boiling the preserve - so why are these sold as the best thing to make preserves with?


BJ- I am not a scientist, but I can tell you from experience and observation that copper cooks your jam faster, is all. You need to stop sooner with copper for a looser jam. Just test it for set along the way, and stop cooking as soon as it sets.

I get identical results using both kinds of pans, but must cook the fruit longer in the stainless.Of course, whatever works for you is best.

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