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July 21, 2008


Lynn D.

Years ago, someone at work made an "apple" pie from very mature peeled and seeded zucchini, lemon juice and apple pie spices. It was very good and the texture was firm and not watery like cooked zucchini. I enjoyed it, but thought that they could have made a peach or plum pie at that time of year. Once I made a fantastic pumpkin pie just like an apple pie with sliced pumpkin. The next time I made it the pumpkin did not get sufficiently cooked. Perhaps you'd like to experiment with winter squash as well. By the way I like to saute diced zucchini with diced potatoes. When the squash gives off its water it flavors the potatoes deliciously to my mind.


I do believe I'll try this, since I am awash in squash at the moment (can you say "overplanted"? I knew you could.)

Will we see a recipe for the blueberry preserve with red onion and sherry vinegar or the shallot confit? Pretty please?


I will try the zucchini/potato thing- sounds right up my alley, Lynn. I like the way mushroom flavor potatoes too.

Jan- I just made a large batch- eight 8oz jars (plus a bit left over for the fridge) of the blueberry preserve and it turned out fine,but, of course, took a lot longer than the smaller batch we made in class. Hope to write about it, and provide recipe, very soon.


I recently was told, in a pasta-with-zucchini recipe from Cook's Illustrated, to prepare my zucchini by coating it well with kosher salt and then letting it sit for half an hour in a colander, and then patting off the salt with a paper towel. I did it wrong--I used the wrong kind of salt and forgot to wipe it off at the end--but even with that, the method worked quite well. I was surprised and pleased at the savory squash flavor; quite a lot more concentrated than the normal watery-ness. Next time I will try it before I fry my zucchini. (I like to dip mine in milk and then use garbanzo flour instead of cornmeal. With a lot of spices. Yum, yum!)

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