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November 01, 2008



I have that same same anxiety and am hoping that my Tuesday night is less disappointing than the last two presidential elections. Taking off on Wednesday was very smart. I'm sure I'll be bleary-eyed as can be Wednesday morning.

I haven't even thought about what we're having for dinner Tuesday night but this looks very good.

(Hey, I hope your candidate wins!)

Lynn D.

I am not at all astonished that you are as awash with anxiety as I am about the election. You have prompted me to give some thought to the Tuesday menu and I have settled on a comforting multi-course meal as it is going to be a long night. Smoked salmon canapes, roasted tomato soup from the last gasp of tomatoes, 3-cheese macaroni and cheese with cauliflower, waldorf salad and brownies.


I'm going over to a co-worker's on Tuesday night and bringing both wine and espresso brownies. Hopefully they will even each other out.

I'm taking Wednesday AM off and going in after lunch. To, God willing and the creek don't rise, chortle happily with my fellow Dems.


I too have been riveted and just a bit anxious with the upcoming elections. I think your choice of katsu-curry is excellent. I have had katsudon (an old personal fav) many a times, but not with this spin. I hope we elect a thoughtful compassionate unifying change!


I made African Blessing Soup for our election night potluck last Tuesday. I think it helped! WHOO-HOO!

P.S. The recipe is on my blog, if anyone's interested. It's a delicious, rich, spicy chicken soup with parsnips and sweet potatoes. YUM!


And a fine night it was, too. All food aside, I'm just savoring the moment.


And a fine night it was, too. All food aside, I'm just savoring the moment.


Your blog is super. So are your photographies. They make me hungry. I have spent a nice moment when seeing them. Thanks a lot.

Choose a Culinary School

Your election night curry looking so awesome, hope you enjoyed this dish.

Thanks for posting.


It was an election night to savor, and what I've seen from our president-elect since makes me more and more hopeful.

I hope you and yours had a happy and delicious Thanksgiving.

Lynn D.

Just thought some of you Toast fans might like to know that Lindy is well and cooking and busy, but having computer troubles. I'm sure we're all looking forward to her postings in the coming year.

Farmgirl Susan

Hi Lindy! Hope you enjoyed the holidays and are able to get back to blogging soon. Just stopped by to wish you a Happy New Year from all of us on the farm. xo


You've disappeared. I keep coming back hoping you'll be back, but you're not.

Do hope everything's OK.

Happy New Year.


Oops, just saw the comment above re computer problems. Glad to hear that's all it is.

Lemon Tart

Hi Lindy. It's been awhile since we've heard from you. Keep coming back hoping you are well and have something to share with us. Happy New Year!


hi lindy---miss you---hope that all is well and we will hear from you soon


It's been awhile and it seems that neither you nor hungry tiger are to be seen. :( Please come back, we all miss you rather much.

Dr Alice

This recipe really has fascinated me, though I have not made it yet. Living in L.A. there are quite a few Japanese curry restaurants around town, but I have not yet been to any. I may give this a shot this weekend.

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