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April 12, 2009



Make a dip to serve with chips/crackers. I usually rinse my chokes first, then mix in some mayo, shredded mozz, grated parm, minced garlic, and some kind of spicy. Bake until bubbly.


I chop them up and add them to tuna salad. They're also very tasty on a pizza. Then again, I have been known to eat them just as they are. The acidic oiliness (or the oily acidity) doesn't bother me.

I have fallen prey to the giant jar of artichokes on more than one occasion. The jars are very useful after you've eaten your way through the artichokes.

Lynn D.

When I saw the photo and read the first sentence, I thought the sandwich was from the Costco food court which I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. But of course it is something delicious you made yourself. I know what you mean about the acidic oiliness and I think it's from the soybean oil. I think the sandwich could be varied slightly by subbing eggs or white beans for the tuna. I like artichoke hearts with potatoes and a potato salad or gratin might be a possibility. (I also like to use stale bread for sandwiches which are made ahead of time.) And the pork sandwich sounds great.


being a big fan of sandwiches, bread and toast in general i will be trying these.

Dr Alice

This sounds really delicious. What to do with the rest of the artichokes? Chop them up and put them on pasta, perhaps. Acutally this entire sandwich filling might go well on pasta.

Mark Bittman's blog recently featured a recipe for artichoke pesto (it was included in the homemade pizza article a week or two ago). You might try that.


A - pizza!! I top pizzas with quartered artichoke hearts, black olives and rings of red bell pepper

B - spaghetti, quartered artichoke hearts and chunks of swordfish tossed with extra-garlicky olive oil

Now I'm getting hungry....


totally unrelated, but i thought you might know: is there a way to get into the hungry tiger site? i wanted to look up a recipe there the other day, and it was nowhere to be found. (why, i guess, cookbooks win over the internets.) anyway, if it's moved, i would be curious to know where.


I love this sandwich! I had it at a friend's house recently. She lives in Plano now but used to live in Pittsburgh -- you must know each other. I am so glad to have the recipe here.

So glad to find your site. Everything looks wonderful and you write so beautifully. Thank you. blessings, Kristi


This sandwich! wow its great. Thanks for sharing the recipe

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