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May 10, 2009



A lovely post. Thank you, and Happy Mothers Day.

Lynn D.

While I love the idea of a soft-boiled egg, I always finding eating it a bit of a disaster. First it's hard to tell exactly when it's cooked to my liking, then I burn my fingers on the hot shell, and then some of the shell inevitably drops into the egg. Is there some trick to it that I don't know? A few years back, I did learn the secret of perfect poached eggs which seems to solve all those problems for me. A perfectly poached egg with a bit of butter and lemon juice on an English muffin is a real luxury to me.

I am served coffee in bed every other morning and then I return the favor. However there are quite a few mornings where we debate/argue whose turn it is!

(Rocquie, I like your blog.)


You make a good point. I grew up in middle class India- where "servants" (I hate that word and almost can't bring myself to say it) are the norm. I can't ever imagine having someone else come and work in my home- I value my privacy too much and can do my own dishes, thank you very much :)


My brother-in-law brings my sister (and now their daughter) tea and a smoothie in bed every morning. I must make my own tea...Taylor's of Harrogate Yorkshire tea with honey and half and half...and it's a luxury I will never willingly give up. Sadly, I can't go out to a cafe for tea; one too many bad cups brought a whole new, very personal understanding of "it's not my cup of tea." The wrong cup of tea makes the whole world feel misaligned, affecting my mood like little else can.


Thanks Rocquie- I like your blog, too.

Lynn- I do a boiled egg for 4 minutes on the nose, slipped into rapidly boiling water, which is then turned down to a healthy simmer. I have established that this is my personal perfect boiled egg. As for cutting off the top, I use one of those little egg guillotine thingies, with great good luck. However, I cannot make a proper poached egg. I resort to a pan with little compartments...cheating, and they are not as nice as real ones. What is your method?

Nupur- That is how I feel, too- but I do sometimes wish there was someone to wash up when I cook.

Stephanie-I drink lots of different teas during the day, but in the morning, I really don't like vary too much...a strong black Indian or Yunnan with whole milk is my choice. I've never been much for herbal, non-tea teas, but of late I have come to appreciate a nice cup of "bush tea" (rooboos) in the evening. No caffeine, but refreshing.


I am glad you have returned! thanks. I keep coming to check, always pleased to see another entry.


You have such a lovely writing style. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. I disagree with your sentiments about being uncomfortable with servants around: I think I would be able to slide easily into that lifestyle, as to the manor born, as you say!


Having just returned from a holiday in England, boiled eggs seem to be slipping repeatedly into our breakfast menu. The cunning porcelain toast receptacle in the photo intrigues me. I imagine it keeps the soliders warm and not soggy. Pray, where does one obtain such?


Eileen- The porcelain thing is actually (I think) meant for french fry serving. It is made by the French company Revol, and they sell it lots of places, including Amazon.com. It is called the White Sachet", and it is from their "Recycled Collection."


PS- I bought mine on sale! I also got a couple of the crumbled look "Recycled" white porcelain cups in the same bit of binge buying. I had been admiring them for some time, and was tickled to find them locally at a reduced (but still too high) cost.


Oh, how I agree with you! I always had my morning tea brought to me until my divorce and now I have to get up and do it my self. I did have a 'Teasmade' at one time but it's not the same. I'm going to make egg and soldiers now, you've made me hungry!


loved this post:)

Teri Pittman

Maybe some day you'll be able to try goose eggs. I really love having geese and the eggs are wonderful, with a clean, clear taste. They keep well too.

I am a lifelong tea drinker and I have just managed to convert my boyfriend with lapsang souchong. We have tea together every morning when we wake up. I make a full pot in a brown betty tea pot and serve it with honey and half and half. It's a wonderful time for just the two of us.


Toast Soldiers! I didn't know they had a name! I remember back in Belgium when I was a little girl in the sixties.... We would have one or two soft-boiled eggs for breakfast. Alongside the egg(s) would be a plate with one or two pieces of toast which my grandmother would help me cut up into "soldiers". The short fat one on the end was always the general. The next one would be the colonel and the taller skinnier ones from the middle of the slice of bread would be the privates.

It's a wonderful memory! Thanks for bringing it back for me.

My grandmother, btw, was a WWI Belgian war orphan who spent several years in one of the Catholic Orphanages run by Irish nuns in England. She picked up a lot of the English culture while she was there.

Mimi in Texas


When I was young, my father would make my evening cup of tea. It was something he & I shared because my mom & brother don't like hot tea. When I was sick, dad would make me a cup of hot tea. Nowadays, my sweetie makes me a cup of tea every morning before he leaves for work. It's wonderful. He also makes me a cup of tea every evening for dessert. In the afternoon, well, I am on my own! It always tastes better when he brews the tea!!


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